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1. On-off, P, PI tuning functions.
2. Temperature and pressure control type.
3. Direct and reverse control action.
4. Easy setting control mode.
5. Rapid response.

Specifications listed may be changed without notice to improve or improve quality.

Supply Air Pressure2.4 bar
Control ModeOn-Off , P, PI
Control ActionDirect, Reverse
Signal InputTempTemp. sensor with capillary tube (5m)
PressDirect or through oil separator
Control Output0.2 ~ 1.0 bar, 0.4 ~ 2.0 bar
Control RangeTemp0~70℃, 0~100℃, 0~150℃, 50~120℃, 50~150℃
Press0~10 bar, 0~16 bar, 0~25 bar
Accessory (option)Positioner(P/P), Air Regulator