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1. SOLAS Chap. Ⅱ-1 / Part B-2-Reg. 12.5.1
2. Double acting type multi turn actuator.
3. The smallest size in the world.
4. Submergence type or Non-Submergence type
5. The exact valve position indicate.
6. In conjunction with VRCS available.

Specifications listed may be changed without notice to improve or improve quality.

Operating FluidMineral Oil (ISO VG15~32)
Temperature Range-20℃ ~ 80℃
Actuator TypeMulti Turn Hydraulic
Operating Pressure (max.)135 bar
Working PressureOpen110 bar
Close100 bar
Applicable Valve TypeGateGlobeAngle
Valve Size50A~750A50A-600A
Accessory (option)Local Position Indicator