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1. The installation is very simple.
2. Simply construction and semi-permanent with less malfunction.
3. Being self-control type, so an auxiliary power is not required.
4. Operating can be used under the condition of high/differential pressure.
5. Pilot type has considerably large capacity.(TR-PL)
6. The temperature variation is small, so it can be controlled precision.
7. This is proportion control type valve by temperature change.
8. The manual handle which is used for both emergency handle and bypass is provided.
9. DTR-BL is available for Thermal oil .

Specifications listed may be changed without notice to improve or improve quality.

Working FluidsSteam, Water, Liquid, Oil, Thermal oil
Temperature Range/Press0℃ ~ 150℃ / 16K
Valve TypeDirectBellowsPilot
Valve Size15A ~ 50A15A~50A32A~125A
End ConnectionJIS / DIN / ISO / ANSI Standard
MaterialBodyCast Steel, Ductile Cast Iron, Cast Bronze
TrimStainless Steel
AccessoryHeat sensor, Manual Handle